How to become a U.S. Citizen

The United State of America has always been open to migrants from across the globe . It has provided this freedom since the early days of settlement in the country. However, like all countries, the United States has its rules, regulations and laws when assessing the eligibility of people migrating to the country. For what reasons you ask? Well, to ensure that the safety of its Citizens are protected and to prevent dangerous individuals from entering and causing a risk to its society and standards. For this reason, there is a due process if you want to be a citizen, which although can be length and emotionally draining, will eventually be for the benefit of both you and your family.







Immigration to the Unites States can be a long and winding process, however as mentioned before, it is certainly worth the wait and begins with the submission of your application to become a Citizen to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. There may be many different reasons why someone would want to become a citizen of the United States and many applications that can be submitted and eventually approved by the Government. These often include applications which are both family and employment based. This petition is submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) there they will see if you are fit to be an immigrant in the US.

Before we continue on other stages of the process I will explain some of the basis of the petition. Firstly, with the family based petition, only the family member that is in the US can petition for citizenship and that family member can only petition for the following; his spouse, son or daughter, parent, brother or sister. A green card holder or a lawful citizen of the US can send a petition, but only for his spouse and unmarried children. The sponsor must send I-130 Petition for Alien Relative to the USCIS.






Another major petition one can submit is an employment based petition. Your US employer can sponsor you to be hired in a permanent job in your specialized field. However, U.S. law allows prospective immigrants to sponsor themselves. To add to that, US laws provide for special immigrant categories, as well as an immigrant investor program that they can submit to. The sponsor, whoever it is, will have to submit an I-140 Petition for Alien Worker to USCIS. While there are many other types of visas one could apply to gain citizenship, the US government has a priority date which simply means first come, first serve. So if you want to submit a petition do it now!

Now, after the petition is approved, be sure to follow your priority date, to know if the process is moving forward or not, then your application will go through the N.V.C. National Visa Center which will eventually process the approval of the visa appropriate to your reason for migration. Next, you will have to choose an agent to help you with the remainder of the process as they will update and do most of the work. Finally, you will pay the fees, as simple as it is, you need to pay the bills appropriate to your application, then collecting and submitting the of papers to the NVC. The last but the most important part is the interview, this will determine whether you will be accepted as a citizen or not. Friendly tip, just be honest and do your best. After the interview you will just have to wait for the results. Good luck!

Moving to Brisbane With the Help of an Australian Migration Agent

When looking to migrate to Brisbane Australia, you should always seek the representation of a Registered Australian Migration Agent. A migration agent is not only qualified but is also registered to provide people with the highest standards of service related to the issues of migration. They work in a manner so that their clients and customers receive total satisfaction. These immigration consultants are fully equipped with the needed knowledge and experience to properly guide their clients through the process of migration. They help to avoid making the process of migrating to Australia stressful and will help you and your family achieve your migration goal.

Role of the Migration Agent

If searching for a migration agent Brisbane sounds daunting or difficult, just remember that a migration agent not only helps you in applying for the correct visa, but also helps people in relocating their business to new places or enrollment of their children to the new schools of Australia. They also help their clients in finding the new and correct place for settlement with their families. The agents provide their clients with all the options that are available ensuring that people make the right decision by selecting the option that will suit both their situation and family needs. They also guide their clients regarding the eligibility criteria for a variety of many different visas and also provide sound advice to ensure the easy processing of the all visas.

The Need of a Registered Migration Agent

Registered migration agents and consultants take the situation of their clients seriously in delivering the protection and choice of lifestyle that they deserve. With the registered agents, none of the options that are available will remain unexplored and everything will be discussed in detail. They are committed to providing an exceptional service to their clients and also providing their clients with the needed help and support which one needs during the initial stages of their migration. In fact, they make a very complex process called migration into what can at time be a very simple one.

Moving to Australia Becomes a Lot Easier







For most of the people making a shift from one place to another can be an extremely stressful matter. But with migration agents in Brisbane, moving to the city in Australia can be a much more enjoyable process than if you were preparing your own visa application. This is because agents will complete the hard work that is required and provide people who are moving to Australia with a better guidance to assist with a smooth transition into their new surroundings. They help people in getting Family Visas, Student Visas, Sponsored Visas and Skilled Visas offered by the Australian Government.







People who want to make a move to Australia should not hesitate to speak to a migration agent or immigration consultant in Brisbane as they can help to address the visa applications or any other concerns that you may have. With their help, migration to Australia becomes a hassle free task. The services provided by them are not only of the highest quality but are also of excellent standards. Another reason you should seek to find a Migration Agent Brisbane who is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia is because they will operate with the proper license and comply with the Code of Conduct which comes under section 314 of the 1958 Migration Act. Accordingly, the conduct of all the migration agents who are registered are regulated according to the Code of Conduct. All registered migration agents are individually obligated to comply with the Code of Conduct in all the matters relating to confidentiality, ethics, compliance and quality with their clients and customers.

Why Work With Them?

The elements of advice, knowledge, expertise, and processes are the four most important qualities found in suitable migration agents. Moving to Australia can be extremely easy with their help and potentially difficult and risky without. Until the goal is accomplished they stick with their clients. Before engaging one as a client, the migration agents will be frank and honest about the chances a person has for success. For them, every problem has a solution and no problem related to migration is too difficult. Complying with the Code of Conduct, they know the law and also the ways in which the law can help people in solving their issues when migrating to Australia. Their expertise in the field of migration will speak for itself and once a client’s visa has been granted, the client will surely appreciate and be thankful that they decided to engage the migration agent in the first place. Agents will always make themselves available to discuss the different ways in which they can assist their clients and customers and one should never hesitate to contact them.

Immigration Laws Around The World

Immigration Laws Around The World

The United States of America, being the world’s most attractive country for immigrant all over the world, is struggling to find a balance between a conservative, limited immigration legislation, and a more open, progressive, easier immigration. The problems arise mostly with the fact that there are many illegal immigrants (some say up to 11 million) in the U.S. and the immigration should, therefore, be slowed down, if no halted for a period.
But there are many economically and technologically advanced countries around the globe which can attract immigrants. Some have open, some restrictive policies about immigration, but they all have to deal with scores of people wanting to obtain their passport.

Canada, the closest neighbor of the US, has been inviting people to immigrate since the 1970s, mostly due to a shortage of skilled labor. Canada has, in fact, managed to break out of the slow economic growth and adopted one of the most inviting immigration policies. The foreign-born population in Canada makes up about 21 percent of total population.

Nowadays, high educated and skilled immigrants are invited to Canada with incentives to operate their start-up business, and even if the business fails, the business owner will not have to face deportation.

Japan, on the other hand, even if it is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in the world, has a completely different approach to immigration laws. Japan is heavily criticized because of its centristic and anti-immigration policy which is aimed to favor a homogenous society regarding race and culture. But Japan is surely going to face serious problems in the future because of its aging population and slow birthrate. Immigration will be necessary to satisfy the job demand, and we shall see how Japan will cope with this issue in the future.

Australia has had a similar history of the United States, regarding immigration, being also an immigrant country. Today, Australia still has a positive view towards immigration, and, even if there are quotas and the immigration is being strictly controlled, Australia can be seen as a nation which promotes immigration of highly skilled professionals.
Denmark is totally different story.

There have been propositions by right oriented political parties in Denmark to offer money incentives to immigrants to get them to leave Denmark if they cannot assimilate.

Denmark has a rule that states that an immigrant who has been married to a Danish person can become a Danish citizen only if they are both older than 24. A controversial law sparked a lot of debate among the human rights organizations.

Denmark’s neighbor Sweden adopted a different approach. A country that has been open to Muslim refugees from war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria now faces doubts about prolonging this policy due to a high unemployment rate among foreign residents.There are also much more asylum requests than before.
This short review shows that different countries adopt different immigration laws and policies, depending on the political outlook of the country, cultural heritage views, economical issues and many more factors, all of which influence what kind of stance the country will have towards immigrants.

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